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15th Sept 2017
40th Anniversary.
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Les Conteurs Singers

“The Storytellers”

Formed in 1975 by Eric Le Conte, Les Conteurs Singers was born out of the Le Conte family’s success in the family singing class of the Jersey Eisteddfod.  Over the years friends and family have joined in to make up this popular mixed-voice choir which now 40 members.  These members come from all walks of island life, their common bond being a love of music and singing.

Each year the choir raises thousands of pounds for charity, delighting local audiences with a wide variety of sacred and secular music, as well as singing at weddings and other private functions.

They are perhaps best known for their annual Christmas Concerts at St Saviour’s Parish Hall which for many of their supporters signal the start of the Christmas Festivities.  In 2002 the choir produced a Christmas CD which raised over £5,000 for Jersey Hospice Care.

Eric Le Conte retired as Musical Director in 2002 and his baton has been taken over by Annette Blanchet, who previously sang contralto in the choir.

In 2015 the choir celebrated its 40th anniversary with a very successful trip to France, performing concerts in Avranches and Coutances.

Although always aiming to sing to the highest possible standard, Les Conteurs Singers have never lost sight of the fact that singing should be fun and is looking forward to the next 40 years!